Who Is Nick Zano?

Do you know who Nick Zano is? No? Never heard of him? Me neither… sort of. He’s the man we all recognize and love, but don’t know who he is. But I bet you would recognize him….



Now you’re all thinking, “Oh yea, that guy! Isn’t he in ummm… that show…” Yea. So we all know the face but I don’t think everyone knew his name. He was Vince in What I Like About You and one of Jule’s flings on Cougar Town and more recently, Johnny from 2 Broke Girls.

Somehow, this guy (who isn’t bad to look at) just constantly keeps cropping up in my favorite shows. I did a little research, which means I went to Wikipedia and IMDB and realized that Zano doesn’t exactly have the best resume. His most noteable films are “classics” such as The Final Destination and Beverly Hills Chihuahua. This somehow surprises me since I have loved him in every show I have seen him in.

Besides the fact that I am a fan of 2 Broke Girls, I really hope the show succeeds for his sake (and Kat Dennings who is also great). From the looks of his IMDB, he has had an unfortunate road of cancelled shows and bad movies but I think this one may let him leave his mark!

Are you a fan? Let me know!

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