TV Review: The New Girl Has Found Its Stride

First episode- meh. Second episode- I cracked a smile. Third, fourth, and so on- It just keeps getting better. There were some pretty promising new shows this fall season, one of them being New Girl. I wasn’t the only one excited for this show. I think we all have a soft part in our hearts for Zooey Deschanel even when she was being a bi-atch in 500 Days of Summer. When I first saw the show, I really thought it was going to be a flop. Zooey’s character was awkward, and it was sort of uncomfortable to watch. With the encouragement of some friends, I have continued watching and I have been pleasantly surprised. (Don’t continue reading if you haven’t seen Episode 5 yet! There will be spoilers!)

This week’s episode (Episode 5) was the highlight that inspired me to write this blog and essentially endorse the show. Basically, the show is about a quirky, kind of weird girl named Jess who moves in with a bunch of bros. Her best friend, Cece, is a gorgeous model and in this episode, Cece stays with Jess in the apartment. Up until now we were just getting to know the characters and getting used to the humor but this week we are starting to see where the plot is going. There may be an underlying romance budding between Jess and one of her roommates, Nick. This is very exciting and as a fan, I hope they don’t rush through this plot line!

People forget that it took seasons for Ross and Rachel to finally get their acts together and be a couple. Friends, the most epic sitcom ever to have been on television, didn’t rush the plot and they still had tons of fans! So many shows feel the need to solve every story line in Season 1 and then they have nothing left! Some of my other favorite shows, such as Cougar Town and Glee, have made that same mistake of having the two characters you want to get together, get together too soon! I still watch these shows but I can see them having short lives.

ANYWAY, my point is that New Girl has so far been very promising and has really found its stride! Was it weird when they switched out characters after episode one? Yea, a little. But I got over it. If you haven’t watched, catch up! It will be worth your while! If you do watch it, let me know because I really want more people to talk about it with.

Have you been watching New Girl? What do you think?!

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