4 Things Facebook Will Copy From Google+ Pages

Originally posted on Likeable Media’s blog.

Google+ Business Pages have finally arrived! Google has finally revealed the long awaited pages. You know what that means… It is time for Facebook to take the best features of G+ Pages and add them to Facebook Pages! Facebook has the reputation of taking the best of every social network and adding it to their own in an effort to stay at the top. It is only a matter of time until you see some of these great G+ features on your Facebook Pages.

Post Editing

How many times have you posted content on your page and only after you have received likes and comments did you notice a typo? If it has happened once, it has happened once too many! Google+ allows you to edit your post, add links, lock your post, etc. You can even disable comments on certain posts without shutting down your wall (but why would you ever want to!) Every post can be a little bit more personalized. This little feature can make a huge difference for community managers.

Segmenting Likers
 How cool would it be if you could group all the employees of your company on your page, all your vendors, customers, VIPs, etc? Well, the Google+ circles feature allows you to do that. While Facebook lets you send out posts to specific languages and locations, Google+ takes it a step further and let’s you group specific people. Now you can make your posts more relevant and personal than ever.
Hangout With Your Fans
 Twitter chats are cool and ever Facebook chats can be fun, but what is more fun that a group video chat?  Scheduling hangouts with your fans is a potential gold mine for marketers. Engaging through text is great but anything that gets you closer to real face-to-face communication is ever better! Community managers will get the chance to engage with a brand’s community like never before. Facebook has already implemented video chat, now all it has to do is apply it to pages!
Frozen Photo Strip
Maybe this is just a personal pet peeve, but I can’t stand the fact that the pictures on the photo strip constantly change. The idea of having a panoramic picture on the top of your page is appealing. It could also incorporate with your profile picture. Unfortunately, Facebook makes the pictures rotate. On Google+ the pictures are static and you can place a panoramic photo there. This is something I greatly appreciate and hope that Facebook adopts ASAP!
When Facebook Timelines was introduced, we knew that a new Facebook Pages would launch as well. Now that Google+ Pages has officially made it’s debut, I wouldn’t be surprised to see some of these smart G+ features in the new Facebook Pages.
What do you think about the Google+ Pages? What would you like to see Facebook adopt? Share in the comments below!
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