I Finally Understand The Moms From ‘Toddlers And Tiaras’

Disclaimer: I promise to never write a post like this ever again. As a stage mom, you just can’t help it sometimes.

Anyone who has seen Toddlers and Tiaras is thinking, “what the hell is that matter with these parents? Why are they putting their children on display?!” I too used to think that about those crazy stage moms, that is until I became them. Although I don’t have children, I do have dogs. One of my dogs is 16 years old, smells like an old man, and is the king of the household. My other dog is a plump 4 year old who is 18 pounds overweight. Max, the old man, is past the years of me torturing him and dressing him up in stupid outfits. He deserves to be left in peace. Bruce, the fat one, is still young enough to be put on display.

I decided to show off my obese dog and submit some of his best pictures to the Fluffington Post. Unlike the Huffington Post, the FluffPo reports on cute fluffy animals. Lucky for Bruce (mostly for me), he was selected to be featured on the site! I have never felt prouder. In fact, I even teared up a bit. This is why those crazy stage moms torture their kids! It’s because of the joy you feel while you parade them around in front of other people! Something tells me this isn’t the last time I will show off the adorable-ness that is my dogbearpig. To see the feature click here!


How cute it my dog?! Let me know in the comments!

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