Movie Review: 50/50 Starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt

First things first- You should know there is a happy ending. Anyone who had hesitations about seeing this movie because it might be depressing now has no excuse! I’m also not really ruining anything for you because the movie was inspired by the life of the guy who wrote the movie… and he’s still around so that has to tell you something! Overall, I recommend seeing this movie. Here are some reasons why:

Joseph Gordon-Levitt
It was love at first site in 10 Things I Hate About You but since then he has turned into a really great actor. He was amazing in 500 Days of Summer and Inception. In my opinion, anyone who can go toe to toe with Leonardo DiCaprio MUST be a good actor. In this movie he was adorable, funny, and extremely touching. He goes through so many emotions in this film that any acting professor would be proud. He is reason enough to see this film.

The Rest Of The Cast
JGL was the star but Seth Rogen and Anna Kendrick were also pretty good. I was even pleasantly surprised to see Hilly from The Help (Bryce Dallas Howard) in the movie too! They were all really talented and believable but they were all second fiddle to JGL.

Roller Coaster Ride
I am normally at cry at movies but this time I did not. Nevertheless, it was still a roller coaster of emotions. You were sad, happy, laughing, etc. Rogen was such a good comic relief and Howard was a great villain  Kendrick is also really good at being awkward but she was so believable. I can imagine how nerve racking it is for a first time (of third) therapist. A lot is riding on your actions!!!

If you have the time, I would recommend seeing this movie. It is an all star cast tackling a taboo topic and making it funny!

Have you see 50/50 yet? Are you going to go see it now?! Let me know what you think.

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