TV Review: The Season (Or Series?) Finale of Weeds

For those of you who still watch Weeds past the point of the maternity shop that acted as a drug tunnel into Mexico, congratulations. Way to stick by a show that has seriously jumped the shark. For those of you who still watch Weeds past the point where Nancy gets pregnant with the Mexican druglord/politician’s baby, congrats again. That is just straight loyalty since the show has gone so far off the deep end it is hard to rebound. I am one of those people who have been watching Weeds from the beginning and have stuck by through the think, thin, and utterly ridiculous. A show that started about a local drug-dealing mom has taken a life of its own and its life may be over…

Or not. It is unclear at this point whether Weeds will be returning for another season. They have left the series up in the air and ended in way which could mean the end OR could come back with a twist. The one thing I will say about the show is that it has amazing finales. All season long you watch episode after episode and ask yourself, “Why have I not given up on this show?” And then BAM! They give you an epic season finale that makes you come back next season. Jenji Kohan is the queens at cliffhangers and she does such a good job of ending seasons.

This season ends with a somewhat happy ending. Everyone is one, big, happy family and everything seems to work out. Well, of course there’s the fact that the show ends with a gun shot pointed to Nancy’s head. Not such a happy ending but I think at this point we can all agree that she was such a terrible mother the world would be better off without her.

If this was really the end would you be satisfied? I think I would. Everything works out and Nancy gets what was inevitably coming for her. However, I can easily see the show coming back. We didn’t actually see Nancy drop dead. We saw a gun aimed at her head and we heard a gun shot. As far as I’m concerned, she’s gotten herself out of worse situations. Overall, I would be happy to see the series end. It was great while it lasted but enough is enough.

Is Weeds done for good and if so, would you be upset? Share your thoughts below!

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