Why You Should Read The Epic Series That Is ‘The Hunger Games’

WOW. That is all I can say when I think of how amazing The Hunger Games was. All three books took me a mere week to read through. I have never chosen a book over a television show before, until now. I never sat and cried like a baby over a book, until now. Instead of gushing over the amazingness of this book, I will try to convince you to read it by giving you a brief overview of what it is about.

Katniss Everdeen lives in Panem where the Capitol rules and the districts suffer. Many years ago the districts tried to rebel against the Capitol to gain power, but they lost and are now punished every year by this thing called the Hunger Games. Two children are chosen from each district to participate in the Hunger Games. The objective is to fight to the death so there is one winner. In the Capitol, this is a fun reality television show. In the districts, it’s a death sentence. Intrigued??? If you haven’t read the book STOP READING! Spoilers below!

The Hunger Games
In the first book, Katniss volunteers to go into the games instead of her little sister, Prim. Best friend Gale stays to take care of her family and the second tribute is Peeta, a baker’s son. Katniss and Peeta decide that being allies is a good strategy for the game but then Peeta confesses his love for her and they go with this act instead. The romance of Peeta and Katniss is amazing. It is sad that one will eventually have to kill the other. Of course they don’t and they threaten a double suicide rather than killing one another. The Capitol folds and both are allowed to leave the games alive (yay!). After the games Katniss reveals that her love was an act (yea right) but Peeta’s was not and there is a riff. Ok, this is a VERY simplified version of an amazing book. I don’t want to give away too many details!

Catching Fire
We pick up book two right after Katniss is back from the game. Apparently her suicide stunt caused a stir in the districts and talks of a possible rebellion against the Capitol. President Snow is not happy about this and has threatened to kill her whole family if Katniss doesn’t put the fire out of this flame. To stunt her more, Snow introduces that this next Hunger Games would be an “all star” version which inevitably sends Katniss back to the hunger Games with Peeta. The other players have a hidden agenda though and plan to start a rebellion while in the game. Katniss and Peeta are left in the dark and separated. The book ends with Katniss being rescued and Peeta being taken prisoner by the Capitol.

The final book is all about the rebellion. There is a full fledged war between the districts and the Capitol. The Capitol is using Peeta as their mascot and the rebels are using Katniss of the symbol of hope. All you want is for the two of them to get together but of course there is always Gale to think about in the love triangle. So many people you love die and it is of course, the product of war. When we finally get Peeta back, he has been brainwashed and trained to kill Katniss which is horrifying in and of itself. The war rages on and there are MANY casualties but in the end the rebels win and Katniss fixes everything. She ends up marrying Peeta but is forever haunted by the games and the deaths of her loved ones.

For a while, all I could do was be depressed. There is barely a happy ending here and it make me want to cry over and over again. After a few days to think about it, I guess this is the best they could have hoped for. Some of the deaths will shock you and the trillions of details I have left out really make this series very special. Take a week out of your life and read these books! I promise you won’t regret it.

P.S. The movie is coming out in March, so read it before then!

Have you read The Hunger Games series? What did you think? Share with others how badly they need to read this series!

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