TV Review: Dexter Season Premiere

Our favorite serial killer is back and ready for action! Dexter aired last night on Showtime and did not disappoint. It’s hard to believe that you can love a character who is a serial killer, but somehow you do! We left off last season with Dexter having it all, except for Julia Stiles, but we weren’t sorry to see her go. Now Dexter has a clean slate and this season can go in any direction. Here are some of the highlights from last night’s premiere.

“Captain” LaGuerta
LaGuerta is such a bitch. I have always disliked her. Blackmailing to get a promotion is so like her. I would not be upset if there was less of her in this coming season.

High School Reunion?
At first you’re like… Hmm. WHY is Dexter going to a high school reunion?! It is so out of character. And then it hits you. Of course, he is going to kill someone! Hooray!

Mr. Popularity
Dexter being normal in social situations? Yea… I don’t know how I feel about that. He is even playing flag football (lol). It is funny to see him try and fit into this role of being the cool guy. Best line of the episode: “I have no idea what hammer time is. Or how it’s different from regular time.”

Colin Hanks
Okay so he will never be like his dad but I am happy to see him none the less. Could it be that he is a cold blooded killer just like Dexter? At very least, he will be the guy to chase this season and I am excited to see where his story lines takes us.

This episode is really just laying the groundwork for the rest of the season. I can’t wait to see what twists and turns follow! This is the first season I will actually be watching week to week. Normally I just wait til the season is over and then watch them back to back. Will I be able to survive with week long intervals between episodes?! We’ll find out!

Did you watch Dexter last night? What did you think? Share your thoughts below!

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