A History Of @Klout In Honor Of Their 100 Millionth Score

Originally posted on Likeable Media’s blog.

Officially as of yesterday, Klout has calculated over 100 million scores. For those of you who don’t know, Klout is tool used to measure users’ influence across different social networking sites. Each person is given a score between 1 and 100, 1 being the person who has never tweeted before, 100 being Justin Bieber. Since its launch in 2009, Klout has come a long way and in honor of their accomplishment I’m going to share some of the highlights!


June 2010- Klout Introduces Perks

Virgin America and Klout teamed up to offer free flights to influential individuals. This was the first of many Klout Perks that you would be able to receive based on your Klout score. This idea of being influential in a topic and being rewarded for that is a concept that allows users to be recognized without having to do anything special such as enter a contest, or tweet about a brand.

October 2010- Klout Grows Beyond Just Being a Twitter Tool
When Klout launched Facebook integration, the influence of the tool became clear to all. This was a tool that was not just great for seeing if you have influential tweets, but now can measure your influence on 2 of the biggest social networking platforms out there.

May 2011- Klout Relaunches Perks!
Klout Perks allows users to get cool, free stuff just for being influential in a topic. Klout was already doing this with select companies but the relaunch made it easier for people to receive perks. More people are included and can now feel special receiving a gift. Perks are more accessible than ever and that gives users an incentive to use Klout. Win/win for all!

June 2011- +K Allows You to be Influential in Topic


Nobody is influential in every topic. I may follow Likeable for tweets and posts about social media and technology, but we wouldn’t be the first place I’d looked if I were interested in politics. The +K button allows users to shape what other users are influential about. For example, my users have given me +Ks in Disney, social media, and movies. President Obama however is influential in topics more relevant to his expertise. Allowing categorizations of influence was a big step that helped organize influencers even more.

June 2011- Klout gets Professional
Klout allowed for LinkedIn integration to expand how influential you can be on multiple channels. This step was a precursor of more to come.

July 2011- Klout Checks-In to Foursquare
Yet another social network is added to the mix and can contribute to your score. Klout can give a big picture number of your influence across social media instead of with just one or two sites.

July 2011- Klout Partners with Spotify
Spotify, a huge music sharing site in Europe, was making its debut to the U.S. and chose to partner with Klout for the launch. In relation with Klout Perks, Klout users got the chance to use Spotify for free! The partnership was a huge success- Spotify and Klout got a slew of new users in hopes of signing up for the music sensation.

August 2011- YouTube, Blogger, Flickr, Instagram, Last.fm, and Tumblr


All at once the amount of sites available to link your Klout to doubled! Whether you’re active with videos, pictures, blogging, music, or more, there is now a place for you on Klout. This is just the beginning. Although not yet announced, I am sure that Klout will be adding more social networks to the platform soon. For a company that started just as a Twitter analytics tool, they have come a long way. Soon we will be able to integrate sites such as Google+ and probably WordPress, TypePad and more. If you are still not on Klout, you ought to be! The scores are getting more and more accurate each day.

What’s your Klout score? Do you know your social influence? Share your thoughts below!

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