Going Through Airport Security For Dummies

The majority of the people you see at the airport have been there before. Very rarely do I see someone who really looks like this is their first time at an airport. Even with this experience at airports, for some reason people forget all common sense when it is there turn to walk through security. Before I begin this rant, let me give you some perspective.

I can’t stand being at the airport on line in security when the person in front of you keeps holding you up. They forgot to take off their shoes, left their cell phone in their pocket, decided to wait until the last minute to take the laptop out of their bag, etc. There are countless ways people hold me up. I just don’t understand why. WHY did you leave your belt on? You know they ask you to take it off every time! WHY don’t you have your ID out with your boarding pass?! You know they can’t let you through without checking first.

Even if it is your first time at an airport, are you blind? There are signs EVERYWHERE telling you what you need to do. Take out your liquids. They can’t be more than 3 ounces. Make sure your laptop is in a separate bag from the rest of your things. You have to take off your jacket when going through security. These things aren’t so hard. Didn’t anyone learn from George Clooney in Up In The Air? He has excellent tips for airports and you should all memorize them. Here are some of my tips to help you out:

1. Print out your boarding pass at home. Why not? Why wait on a ridiculously long line for something you can do in two seconds on your home computer? You will have to wait in a long line anyway so you might as well not wait in two. Plus, the people in that line actually have real business with those desk clerks. You are just delaying someone else.

2. Don’t get out of the car unless you have your boarding pass and ID in hand. The first thing you do when you get out of the car is head to the security line. Shockingly enough, they aren’t going to let you through unless you have both those things in hand so be prepared.

3. Put away your boarding pass and ID. You won’t need these again for a while. All this does is gives you extra things to hold. Then when you are trying to get your belongings in the bins you will become frazzled.

4. You are on line for a while so get ready beforehand. Why wait until its your turn through the scanner to get your things ready? You have plenty of time and the quicker you get your stuff ready, the quicker you go through. The quicker you go through, the quicker you get your stuff back.

5. Don’t use 80 bins to put all your stuff in. I mean honestly. How much stuff are you bringing carry on anyway? You need one bin for your laptop and one for your purse, shoes, sweater, etc. In the winter I will let you have an extra one since winter coats are bulky. Other than that, stick to 2 bins.

6. Don’t put your shoes on right by the belt. I don’t care how fast you think you are being. You are still in somebody’s way. The airport is kind enough to put benches 5 steps away from security. Just walk over there and put on your shoes and coat. No harm in that!

I hope this rant helps you in the future. That way you won’t be the inspiration for a blog just like this one.

What are your worst airport security experiences? Share them below!

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