The Nightmare Before Christmas… In Real Life

I’ve gone to the hospital twice. Once, was when I was born. The other time was when I was three and I stuck a pen cap up my nose. I apparently went to the emergency room and had it removed. Since I really don’t remember it, I wasn’t traumatized or anything. Today I got stitches. Since I haven’t been to the hospital since I was three, this was a big deal to me. Have you had stitches?


Did it feel like you were Frankenstein or Sally from A Nightmare Before Christmas? That’s how it felt to me. I was numb so it didn’t hurt, but you could clearly feel someone sewing you up. I remember taking sewing classes as a kid and I just kept having flashbacks as if this was a pillow-making project. It also looks like Sally as well since the stitches are not discreet at all. There are clear black stitches in my body as if my stuffing were coming out. Now I know how Woody felt when his arm got ripped off by accident in Toy Story 2. Maybe I’m being dramatic. If I am, too bad. I’m a tad traumatized.

Have you had stitches before? Am I being crazy or is this really a weird feeling?! Share your experiences please!!!

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