Watch Out Drunk Texters! Here Comes A New Way To Embarrass Yourself

So you are out at a bar. You’ve had a few too many drinks. Then you look in your purse and see your phone. Normally, you would think, “Hey, maybe it isn’t a good idea to use my phone when my mind is so free and I’m about to say things I will regret saying in the morning.” Luckily, you’re drunk and you don’t really care. So you text some friends what you really think. Text your ex telling them how much you actually do miss them. Even send some tweets to the Twitterverse saying how much you hate your job and your boss. You then wake up the next morning and think, “F&^*%$^&*.”

I can’t say I have ever experienced this story first hand but I know that you may be reading thinking about how this has happened to you. I know I have seen it happen to my friends. I think it is a pretty bad idea to be using your phone when you are wasted. It should be illegal to send tweets or text while drunk. Unfortunately for the college kids, AT&T doesn’t think so. They just came out with a new phone called the HTC Status. This phone has a Facebook share button right on the keypad and every time you do something “shareable” it will light up and tell you to post. So long job opportunities… I’m excited to see the drunk photos that will be sent to the Internet now.

What do you think of having a share button on your phone? Is this a cool new invention or a dangerous one? Share your thoughts below!

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