Take Time To: Catch Up On Weeds

We are now into season 7 of Weeds. Back in the day when I had a lot of time to kill (AKA undergrad) I watched a lot of television. Everything from dramas, comedies, dramedies, reality television, etc. Since then I have had to cut down on many of these shows. However, some shows I am so invested in that I have no choice but to continue with them because I need to know how it ends. Weeds is one of those shows. Every week I watch, I get disappointed, then I  continue to watch. This season was no different… until now. Weeds is bringing back some familiar faces to the show and I can’t wait! I was hoping to see my favorite character, Conrad, back but sadly, it looks like that isn’t going to happen…

Regardless, I still suggest taking time out to catch up on this season of Weeds. This is rumored to be the last season and it may turn out to be the best yet! Don’t watch Weeds? Catch up on here:

Have you been watching this season of Weeds? Will you consider catching up so I have someone to tweet about it with? Share your thoughts below!

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