What You Will See And Will Not See In Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows

So… It all ended. The final Harry Potter film released this weekend shattering records all over the place. Biggest midnight showing, biggest opening weekend, and likely to be the largest grossing film of all time. As a huge fan I was pretty satisfied with the final two films depicting the last (and greatest) book in the series. Did they include everything? No. Of course not. It is just a movie. Here are some of the highs you get to see and some things you will miss out on. Spoiler Alert: Don’t continue reading if you want the movie ruined for you. Seriously. Stop reading now. 

What You’ll See

The moment that shocked readers and the moment many Weasley fans were waiting for… The fans got to see Molly Weasley, the momma bear of the Weasley clan, kick ass. Yes, she killed Bellatrix LeStrange and yes she used the “B” word and called her a bitch.

Neville has his moment in the sun. You get to see Neville rock out and kill a horcrux. It’s as if the actor, Matthew Lewis, knew this was his shining moment and became hotter for the occasion. All in all, it was nice to see Neville go from fool to cool.

In the books you just know that Hermoine and Ron go down to the Chamber of Secrets to grab a basilisk fang. The movie depicts their version of what really happened down there. It was nice to see what was going on from other perspectives than Harry’s. This is a great example of how movies can expand on the books.

I think we were all happy to see some old faces- Lupin, Sirius, and the Potter parents. Harry turned the resurrection stone thrice in hand and got to see the people who love him most (who are of course dead).

Drum roll please…… Ron & Hermoine kiss! Was it the most passionate kiss I’ve ever seen? No. The book’s was hotter. But it was still awesome to finally see them make out. We have been waiting for this moment for so long.

I wasn’t sure if they were going to show us the epilogue but thankfully they didn’t disappoint. 19 Years later you see the Weasley and Potter kids and even baby Malfoys. They didn’t include the full epilogue but it was a nice conclusion to it all.

What You’ll Miss

Harry ends up wandless? I understand that he wants to get rid of the Elder Wand but he didn’t fix his old wand first like Harry does in the book. In the movie version, Harry gets no wand.

The sequence of the final fight is out of order and Nagini is not in a bubble… In fact she is kind of carelessly roaming around the castle. You would think Voldemort would be more careful with the final bit of his soul but I guess in the movie version, he is more daring!

You will definitely NOT see a passionate Ginny/Harry scene like you pictured in the book. In the films they are awkward. And gross. And let’s face it, she is too tall for him. I’ve been saying this since Chamber of Secrets and I’ll say it again; POOR CASTING choice when it comes to Ginny Weasley.

If you were looking for a Weasley family reunion you won’t see it. All the sudden you see Percy reunited with his family and you’re like, “Hey. When did percy come back?”

The movies did very little explaining when it comes to the Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore. You see an angry brother and you know there is a book, but other than that you are left in the dark. If you didn’t read the book, you wouldn’t fully understand the complexity of Dumbledore.

Another random note- How did Hagrid get tied up in the forest? Harry goes to meet Voldemort and he’s about to die, but then you see Hagrid tied up by the Death Eaters. You don’t know how, or why, but he’s there.

What did you think of the latest Harry Potter flick? Were you disappointed or satisfied with the conclusion? Share your thoughts and relish that this will be the last Harry Potter blog for a long time…

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