Take Time To: Work Off Those Extra Pounds

One of the perks that come with being busy all the time is the use of constant excuses. When there are things you really don’t want to do you can always say, “I don’t have time!” However, we all know that if we really want to make time for something, we will. One of the most frequent things I use excuses for us working out but then a gift fell on my lap. As I watched my morning infomercials, Tony Horton, of P90X notoriety, came onto my television and introduced the Ten Minute Trainer. This was a set of workout DVDs that only required you to work out for 10 minutes a day. I was already creating the excuses in my head but then Tony Horton looked right at me and said, “Are you watching this informercial? Then you have 10 minutes!” The only thing I could think was, “Crap. He’s right.”

So I began my quest on Tony Horton’s Ten Minute Trainer. It is a 30 day program but comes with a plan for 60 days. I am going to do a 60 day challenge. This year I started my quest to lose all the weight I gained in college and I still have 5 pounds that just won’t budge. My goal is to lose those 5 pounds on this system. I have recorded my measurements and taken my “before” pictures. I will share all this information with you IF the system works. If not, those “before” pictures will be sent right to the recycle bin on my computer. Wish me luck! I will update regularly on my thoughts of the program and my progress!

Do you have time to work out ten minutes a day? If not, what’s your excuse? Share your thoughts below!

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