Movie Review: Bad Teacher Was Not That Bad

A few weeks ago Bad Teacher starring Cameron Diaz, Justin Timberlake, and Jason Segel came out. It looked like it could be a really funny movie so I checked it out. Overall, it was mediocre. They had some great one liners and funny story lines. I thought the characters were great but the casting might have been a bit off. Here’s a breakdown of what I liked and what I could have lived without.

Things That Made Me Laugh

Jason Segel is by far the best thing in this movie. Every line that comes out of his mouth is comedic gold. Unfortunately, his humor is a bit out of place in this film but overall his presence was much appreciated.

Another gem was Phyllis Smith. Yes, her part was small but there is something awesome about seeing Phyllis from The Office up on the big screen.

Things I Didn’t Get

I am just putting it out there… but I do not understand Justin Timberlake as an actor. In fact, I don’t really get him as a solo artist either. The only place where Justin Timberlake properly fits is in a tabloid magazine or singing along with JC and Chris in *NSYNC. His character was funny but it would have been even better played by someone else.

The other thing that left me puzzled was the principal’s obsession with dolphins. I know it was meant to be funny but I just didn’t get the humor in it. It reminded me a lot of the part in Role Models where Jane Lynch plays with the hotdog at the end of the movie. I understand that this is supposed to be a joke but for some reason I am not laughing…

Things That REALLY Annoyed Me

Normally when characters in a movie do something bad, or evil, it comes back to bite them in the ass later. This is not the case in this film. In fact, the more terrible things Cameron Diaz does, the more she is rewarded. She also never gets caught for anything even though she steals, drinks, does drugs, and cheats. I just kept waiting for repercussions that never came.

The other thing that really annoyed me was the “villain” in the film, Amy Squirrel, played by Lucy Punch. What an unlikeable character. I mean really. After a while I just couldn’t stand watching her. I know she is supposed to be the bad guy but I shouldn’t be wanting to leave the theatre every time she comes on screen.

What did you think of the movie? Was Bad Teacher a laugh or was it just… bad? Share your opinions below!

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