Take Time To: PLANK

Once upon a time, a co-worker of mine took a picture of herself lying face down on a ledge and posted it   for the company to see. She called this planking. Seeing as I had never heard of planking before I brushed it off and just thought to myself, “Hmm that was weird!” Little did I know that this one picture would be the beginning of a phenomenon. One by one more co-workers were posting pictures but the positions kept getting stranger and stranger. They were planking on walls, mailboxes, ladders, fire escapes, etc. Research became necessary.

So I headed over to trusty Wikipedia and discovered that planking is a new fad where people lie face down in a straight line in obscure places. While at first this may sound stupid, it is actually kind of genius and fun. That’s why this week you should take time to PLANK! Need some ideas? Check out this planking blog created by my interns. Here’s a sneak peak below!

Can you beat these planks? Post yours below! Do you think planking is ridiculous? Tell me so in the comments!
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