Foursquare Badges That Should Exist

Originally posted on Likeable Media‘s blog. Badge design done by Samantha DeMott.

One of the best things about using Foursquare is obtaining badges. Besides the fact that you earn something cool for going on with your daily activities, it also makes Foursquare into a fun game with an incentive to play. Foursquare has done a pretty good job of making sure users don’t get bored with the same old badges. Ever so often they release new badges that you can earn. Plus, they often partner with big businesses to offer special limited edition badges as well. As a heavy Foursquare user and badge of obsessor, I cam up with my own list of badges I wish existed. Listen up Dennis Crowley… these could be your next big idea!

Couch Potato Badge

Obtain this badge by spending an entire weekend at home. If you check in on Saturday in Sunday only at your house/apartment, you will earn the couch potato badge.

Badge Text- There is life outside your apartment! You wouldn’t know… You are the ultimate couch potato since you have only checked into your home all weekend. You should really get out more.


Harry Potter Badge

Obtain this badge by checking in to see the final installment of Harry Potter at midnight. You must check into a movie theater and shout Harry Potter.

Badge Text- You may be a muggle but you have sure shown your love for the wizarding world! Take a trip down Diagon Alley and show this badge off to all your friends from Hogwarts.


Shopaholic Badge

Obtain this badge by checking into 5 different retail clothing stores or boutiques in one day.

Badge Text- Shop til you drop! You’ve been to 5 different clothing stores today and you’re still going strong!


Gamer Badge

Obtain this badge by checking into an arcade 10 different times.

Badge Text- Were you there when Mr. and Mrs. Pacman said I do? Were you these when the ninja turtles turned mutant? You must be a pro at DDR since your earned the ultimate gamer badge!

Stalker Badge

Obtain this badge by checking in after the same person 10 times. Similar to the unreleased “BFF Badge” but… creepier.

Badge Text- Just a coincidence that you checked in after the same person ten times??? Tell it to the judge…


Hypochondriac Badge

Obtain this badge by checking into a hospital or doctor’s office 3 times in a week.

Badge Text- I guess you have the doctor on speed dial! Feel better!

What badges would you like to see Foursquare create? Do you think you could have earned any of these? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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