Will You Be At #DisneyChat Wednesday 8:30PM EST?

I participate on a number of Twitter chats where people get together, use the same hashtag, and discuss a topic through tweets. One on particular Twitter chat, a number of twiends and I got side tracked on a totally unrelated Disney conversation (surprise, surprise). We all thought, “Hey. We all love Disney. Why isn’t there a Disney chat on Twitter?” Long story short, we decided to create one and tomorrow at 8:30PM EST we will be making it’s debut.

We decided that the first Wednesday of every month at 8:30PM EST we would host a one hour chat revolved around our favorite brand. As a Disney fan and Twitter fanatic, I volunteered to host the first week. Tomorrow’s theme will be Pixar and I have some excellent questions ready to get the conversation flowing. After the chat, I will post a recap of some of the highlights here.

If you would like to feel like a kid for an hour and join in on the chat all you need to do is follow my tweets @Caraizzle to see the questions and tag all your tweets using the hashtag #disneychat. To follow along easier, I suggest using a tool like TweetChat. It is a great way to keep track of all tweets using the same hashtag. Hope to see you there!

Will you be joining #disneychat? What Disney topics would you love to see discussed? Share them here and maybe see them in the next #disneychat!

Follow me @Caraizzle!


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