Why You Should Watch Franklin & Bash… Even Though It Is On TNT

I am going to be honest. I saw the ads for this show and thought it looked cute but never had any intention of watching it. I was happy to see that the guy from Road Trip and Zack Morris were back in action and on the small screen though. It wasn’t until I received a Klout Perk offering me free copies of the first couple episodes that I decided to watch it. I got excited for two reasons: (1) I love free things and I was excited that my Klout earned me something, and (2) now I had a reason to support two of my favorite actors from the past. In honor of transparency, I was in NO way asked to write a review or blog about the episodes I received. I just liked them so much that I decided it was blog worthy!

We are busy people. It is hard enough as it is to find time to watch our DVRed favorite shows. The last thing I wanted to do was pick up another one. However, after watching the 2 episodes of Franklin and Bash that were sent to me, I suddenly feel that I can make room for one more show. Here’s why I love this show so far:

Dynamic of Characters
Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Breckin Meyer are an incredible team. Watching the two of them is really entertaining. They’re like PB&J- they just mesh together well. Besides the two of them and their comedic harmony, I also love many of the other characters. Their team of ex-convict and agoraphobe. I also like the firm’s senior partner portrayed by Malcolm McDowell (yes, Ari’s nemesis and Sloane’s father from Entourage). The only character I don’t like is Hannah. She is awkward, I’m not sure where her loyalties lie, and she is too tall for Meyer’s character, Franklin.

They Make Lawyers Look Bad
As a law student, I am sensitive to cheap lawyer jokes. When the show began with an ambulance chaser joke I thought, “oh great… this is real original.” However, after that point, there were no more cheap swings and lame lawyer jokes (which I appreciated). They have chosen to pick fun at lawyers in a new way (which I also appreciate). These lawyers are total frat boys. They party with their clients, act like roommates by knocking down the wall between their office, and are ridiculously over the top. May not be the best in real life lawyering, but is pretty funny for television.

They Make Lawyers Look Good
While sometimes I think that these guys are the worst lawyers ever, they seem to always win (ahhh the beauty of television). But despite their partying ways, they are really good guys at heart. They have principles, which many people think lawyers do not have, and they legitimately care about their clients. They show this in bizarre, over the top ways, but overall they are making lawyers look good. They also make being a lawyer look like a lot of fun! This is why people want to be a lawyers- the theatrics of the court scenes make it looks like you can get away with anything!

Personally, I found this show really relatable. Maybe it’s because I am in law school, but I think it is more than that. Yes, I got very excited when I knew what “heresay” was and some other legal jargon. But I also loved that they play video games in the office. In fact, I used to have Wii Wednesdays at my office too! The show is fun and it makes me want to hangout with them.

Have you tuned in to Franklin and Bash? What did you think of the show? Let me know your thoughts!

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