Twitter Randomly Looks A Little More Like StumbleUpon

Twitter has added a cool new feature that looks a little but like StumbleUpon. A new little tab appears in the top left corner of your Twitter page that looks like two crossing arrows. If you hoover your mouse over the arrows it says, “Jump to someone you follow.” If you click on the arrows, it does just that and takes you to a page at random of someone you follow. This addition may seem pointless to some, but I see some true value here. 


The beauty of StumbleUpon is the amazing way it seems to help people procrastinate. When you are bored, you can log on to StumbleUpon and click “stumble” to your heart’s content and find lot of fun and different websites. It isn’t until two hours later that you look up and see that you have missed a meeting and two phone calls that you realize how long you have been on. Twitter recognizes this and wants to monopolize on this.

Eventually, you will likely get bored of refreshing your news feed. When that happens you will log off Twitter and find something else to do. Twitter doesn’t want that. In fact, Twitter would like you to stay on their site for as long as possible, maybe even as long as you are on Facebook. By adding the randomizer button (yes I just gave it a name), Twitter has you searching your friends pages and reading tweets you wouldn’t necessarily find. If you are following more than 100 people, there are likely users you never see tweet. The randomizer allows you to see these in a new, StumbleUpon-like way. Something tells me users will spend a lot more time on Twitter now!

Have you used the new Twitter button? What do you think? Share your thoughts below!

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