Words With Friends And More Fun Apps

Has anyone else noticed the Words With Friends phenomenon? I knew a lot of people played and everything, but it wasn’t until I walked around my office and saw numerous interns playing with their phones that I noticed the obsession. I thought they were probably just text messaging, but with a little more investigating (and sneakily peering over shoulders) I’ve found that almost every one of them is in the middle of a Words With Friends game! I can understand an addiction to an app. In fact, I have a few addictive apps of my own. Here are some of my favorite apps to play with:

1. Fruit Ninja. No, for the fifteenth time, this is not a game about a gay ninja. This game involves slicing fruit while avoiding the bombs. If you think it sounds lame, test it out yourself- Fruit Ninja Lite is free! Soon you will get frustrated that they have stopped you at 150 slices and will splurge the 99 cents for the full version.

2.Moron Test. This is a paid app but I promise you won’t be disappointed. For one, it makes you feel really dumb because you are constantly getting easy questions wrong. Another things is that this will keep you occupied for a very long time. There are 5 full tests to go through and even when you have finished them all, you can re-do it to try to beat your own time. I love the feeling of being a genius when you finally win and you will too!

3. Shazam.This app is great for when you hear a song that you like, but have no idea what it’s called. There are a lot of apps out there just like this, but Shazam is by far the most accurate. All you need to do is hold up the phone for about 10 seconds and SHAZAM. You now have the song title, artist, lyrics, sample, and place to buy the song. You will never go crazy for not knowing the name of a song again.

This barely touches the surface. There are TONS of apps out there and I am always looking for more!

What are some of your favorite apps? Do you play Words With Friends? Let me know!

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