Best Takeout In NYC & Chance To Win!

As a new blogger I am still defining my voice. While I am in no way a food blogger, I still love food! I may not know how to cook but I am excellent at ordering out. If your family is anything like mine, I’m sure you have the “What are we having for dinner” conversation every night for at least an hour before someone finally makes a decision. It always comes down to Italian or Chinese (which can get very boring very fast). Being in a city like New York means being around tons of diversity. Why do we never take advantage of the culture that surrounds us?! I am one of the pickiest eaters in the world and even I can find something to eat in this city! Here are some of other genres of takeout choices I frequent:

Mongolian. Believe it or not, I eat Mongolian food pretty frequently. Before you get impressed with my advanced palette, I should admit that it pretty much tastes like Chinese food. In fact, I usually get Chinese noodles and teriyaki sauce to go with it. Regardless, it is still diverse! My favorite place is Pergola and often find myself grabbing lunch there!

Jewish Deli. While this may not be exotic, it is also not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about what to have for dinner or lunch. There’s nothing like a good hot dog and knish to make your day. Add a Dr. Brown’s soda and you are good to go! My favorite stop for deli is either Ben’s (a franchise all over the city) or Buddy’s Deli in Queens.

Mexican. There is such a variety of Mexican around that many people don’t think to take advantage of. The Mexican food I eat is pretty American-ized. For sit down, I like Pancho’s and for take-out I frequent Chipotle and Qudoba. Delish!

Chicken. I am not talking about KFC and Boston Market here (although I won’t lie and say I don’t eat there as well). I’m talking about the great grilled chicken places you find all over the city. One of my favorites is called Chicken Lover’s and their chicken falls right off the bone and come with complimentary pita bread. It is not something I eat often, but it is a nice change of pace.

Okay… so maybe my taste isn’t that eclectic and I may not take advantage of this diverse city as much as I should. Hopefully you do and can share some of your favorite spots with me!

Now that I have you all hungry, it is time for my first ever blog giveaway! While browsing on Twitter I can across an opportunity to participate in a blogger giveaway offered by Signpost. They said “want to give away $20 to” and I said, “Sure! I love giveaways!” Here is what inspired this blog. If you would like to receive $20 worth of takeout all you have to do is comment below with your favorite takeout place! Make sure you leave an email or Twitter handle behind so I can contact you if you won.

What are your favorite takeout places? Do you want to win $20 to Comment below and you can!

[UPDATE]- The winner was @FrankRamblings selected by Thanks for participating everyone!


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