How Do You Handle Being Stressed Out

If you thought this was going to be a HOW TO blog with helpful hints for dealing with stress, you were wrong. In fact, I am really asking, how do you deal with stress? If you have the answer for how to deal with stress, please share this knowledge! I know a ton of students and workers who would love to know your secret! Okay, so I may not have the answers for how to deal with stress, but I can say with certainty that we all experience it.

Lucky for me, my stress likes to manifest itself in fun new ways. Anytime I have ever been really stressed out, my body has found a new way of telling me: “Hey, you’re stressed out so slow down!” Here are some of my fun horror stories of ways my body has reacted to stress:

Panic Attacks. This is kind of cliche but I have experienced a panic attack once or twice. It is a strange feeling to not be able to breathe. It is also kind of incredible that your body is capable of shutting down just from being stressed out. If you are ever short of breathe and feel panicky- don’t worry… you’re not dying! You are just having a panic attack and it will pass… eventually.

Hives. Yes, I have actually gotten hives on my body from stress. Between work and school and general life activities, I guess my body couldn’t take it anymore and it decided to breakout into hives to tell me that. I guess it kind of worked since I had to stop what I was doing, run to CVS, and get some Benadryl…

Lock Jaw. I found out that when I am particularly stressed my jaw actually locks and won’t move at all. I discovered this during a particularly stressful week a few years ago. I was out to dinner with my dad, ordered a sandwich, and found myself unable to eat it because my jaw wouldn’t allow my mouth to open wide enough. Needless to say, I left the restaurant hungry.

These are just a few of the ways stress has shown itself. I have many more horror stories, but now I want to hear yours!

How have you had stress bear its ugly head? What are ways you deal with being stressed out? Share your secrets!

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