Key Takeaways From Blog World Expo

Last week I was lucky enough to attend Blog World Expo in NYC. As a brand new blogger, I was excited to learn all about creating great content, blog optimization, reader relationships and more. Since I thought this was a really great experience, I wanted to share some of the highlights I experienced with you! Here are some of my key learnings and takeaways from Blog World Expo NYC:

Comply with FTC Guidelines
From what I understand, the requirements are very minimal. All it really asks is for full disclosure. If you ask me, bloggers should have full disclosure with their readers at all times, regardless of whether a law requires them to. Anytime you promote a product or do a promotion, you must disclose what you are getting out of it. I solemnly swear that I will always disclose any product review I have been asked to do or any promotion I decide to run.

The Importance of Readers
This one is kind of obvious but a blogger’s relationship with it’s readers is the most important thing there is. There were a lot of sessions on how to monetize your blog, which would be nice, but who starts blogging with the intention of making money?! Maybe some people but very few I would imagine. Don’t sell yourself until you have a great product. And then once you have a great product, don’t sell out! Jason Falls from the Social Media Examiner said that every time you sell something on your blog (even with full disclosure) your readers will trust you less. Is it worth it?

Beware of the Diva Blogger
I have come face to face with diva bloggers… they are not pretty. A diva blogger is one who refuses to work with marketers unless they are getting highly paid. Or the blogger who brags about how many people are dying to advertise and work with them. In a place where bloggers are coming to learn more about the industry, I was disappointed to find that some of these sessions were being run by divas. If anything, it taught me exactly how NOT to act.

Please Go Away, Rebecca Black
People will not stop thinking/talking about Rebecca Black. There was even a session about her! I attended this session and was actually excited to discuss why it is that we all still have the song Friday still in our heads. What I learned was the power of video, and a good quality video too. When you search on Google, video searches automatically come to the top. Hint Hint.

Exhibitor Hall
I managed to have to some time to check out the exhibitor hall with a co-worker and met a bunch of interesting people. There are a ton if great products and services out there! Two that stood out the most for me were Market Sharing and Hashable. Both serve very different purposes. Market Sharing is similar to Groupon but for businesses. They aren’t looking to get you a good deal right now. Instead, they are looking for you to get a good deal now and hopefully build a relationship. There is more of a long-term goal than Groupon. Hashable is the new way of exchanging business cards. Although our egos love business cards, do we really need them? Hashable allows you to collect and share contact information with the click of a button. It is a free iPhone app and is definitely worth a download.

I hope these takeaways can help you feel like you were really there! I know I had a blast and hope I can attend again next year.

Did you attend Blog World Expo NYC? What were your key takeaways? Do you agree with these findings? Let me know below!

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