I Thought I Would Never Like Justin Bieber… Never Say Never

I am not a huge Bieber fan. Yea, I like his music and yea he’s a cute kid, but I am in no way a “Belieber” and I think he’s kind of arrogant. However, after watching the Justin Bieber film, Never Say Never, my opinion of him has changed. Here’s the deal… The kid is adorable and he’s actually talented. You want to be mad that he’s this big-headed little kid, but the reality is, wouldn’t you be too if you were him??? How is it that my opinion of the Biebs changed so much in only an hour and a half? The only explanation is that this movie is total propaganda. How can anyone see this movie and not love Justin Bieber? Below is my review of Never Say Never:

Things I Liked

The Music. There was a really good mix of music and substance. The movie wasn’t just a Justin Bieber concert although they did show a good chunk of songs from his Madison Square Garden show. We heard his story but also got serenaded with his hit tunes.

The Social Media. This movie showcased the important of social networking to Justin’s success. The power of YouTube is INSANE. He was found from a YouTube video and now look at him. There is a part in the movie where they say how it has taken years for bands like *NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys to become successful. It’s because they didn’t have social media to help them out! I’m looking forward to more YouTube stars in the future (no Rebecca Black… you don’t count).

Two Words: Hair Montage. They actually spent a good minute or two of the movie where Justin flipped his hair. As ridiculous as it sounds, it was actually quite hilarious.

Roosevelt Field. In trying to demonstrate the extent of “Bieber Fever” they showed clips of Justin at various events where he was attacked my little girls and their parents. There was one clip that stood out to me which was the Roosevelt Field riot. Roosevelt Field is a mall in Long Island, and it happens to be the mall I go to regularly. Justin’s appearance at the mall caused such an intense riot that the Fire Marshall shut the mall down and cancelled his appearance. I remember this like it was yesterday because the event appeared on the news across the country. I’m glad my hometown made it into the movie!

Usher. He really was the star of this movie. Ushertook this nobody kid from Canada and turned him into one of the biggest stars in the world. If every celebrity invested a little bit of time into one talented kid (and trust me, there are plenty of them), we would have a lot more successful kids in the world. 

Things I Didn’t Like

Religious Emphasis. Justin Bieber has never displayed himself as a religious guy. It’s not like he wears a purity ring or anything. It’s one thing to pray before a show, but does he really pray with his friends before he eats pizza? That seems like a bit much to me since he never seemed to be that religious. It seemed like they were trying extra hard to make him look like a “good guy.” I’m not buying it!

Miley Cyrus. I definitely could have done without the Miley Cyrus part of the film. Thanks Miley, but I don’t need you telling me how young and talented you and the Biebs are and I certainly don’t need you to tell me how hard you both worked for your success. Last time I checked, you’re both rich and famous so please dont come to us, the viewers, looking for sympathy.

Overall, I gave this movie 4.5/5 stars. I promise that it pains me to say that since I didn’t want to like this movie at all. The propaganda that is Never Say Never has changed my view of Justin Bieber. What can I say? I must be easily swayed…

Have you seen Never Say Never? What did you think? Share your thoughts below and please try not to judge my review too harshly!

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