The Future of Greys Anatomy Looks Grey

Is it just me, or was this season of Grey’s Anatomy the worst it has ever been? While many of my co-workers disagree, I would have to see that I am very disappointed with Grey’s this year. I have been a die-hard fan since the beginning and have been watching the show through its most outrageous times. I actually liked the episodes with the bomb in the body, the three-episode ferry cleanup, and the shoot out. In fact, those outrageous moments were probably my all time favorite episodes. I didn’t even mind the episodes where Izzy was having sex with her dead fiance in her mind and when Meredith died, crossed over the afterlife, and then came back to life. While those situations were definitely a stretch from reality, I still stood by and defended the show. However, after this season, I’m not sure I can do the same…

The Fall of Christina Yang

First of all, she was pretty much out of commission for the first half of this season. Christina is by far my favorite character and anyone who watches Grey’s knows that Christina = surgery. Yet, the majority of this season, Christina didn’t even show up at the hospital and instead became a bartender and a housewife. She even married Hunt (which was a huge mistake) basically make her character stuck. It was sad for me to watch Christina fail and everything as she was not in surgery for the first half of the show and was held back by Teddy in the second half. Shame on the writers for the bad year Christina suffered!

Life Will Never Get Better For Alex

Alex has had a rough life. Besides his crazy family and childhood, he seems to always lose with the ladies as well. Whenever they turn Alex into a human being and have him open up to another character, it always backfires. First, he falls in love with a women, Rebecca, who turns out to be a lunatic. Then he falls for Izzy, marries her, takes care of her while she has cancer, and then she leaves him without even saying goodbye. Then this season we get introduced to a new doctor. A doctor who might even be good for Alex, but no. The writers would never want to see Alex happy so they make sure that he gets screwed over again by having her steal his job. Once again, Alex will be closed off and may never recover. How many times must we go through this cycle?

Why?! WHY?! WHY Was There a Musical Episode?!

So it turns out that Cali has a nice voice. That’s cool. However, there is no room for breaking out into song when this is supposed to be a doctor drama. AND it is supposed to be one of the most emotional episodes of the season. Cali was pregnant and had gotten into a car accident. This episode could of had the viewers on pins and needles but instead we were all left confused. Yea, some of them could sing, but most of them could not. Lexie, you are not a singer just because you had a musical scene in Not Another Teen Movie, and Meredith, I was extremely disappointed when you tried to sing as well. I am not sure who thought this was a good idea, but this musical episode was unforgivable.

How Much Longer Will Lexie and Mark be Separated?

Remember how frustrating it was to see Derek and Meredith get together, and then be torn apart, and then get together again, but get torn apart again. Honestly, it was exhausting! Viewers everywhere were thrilled when Derek and Meredith finally got together for good. Now the game is being played again but with Mark and Lexie. Every time they get close to getting back together, something ruins it! They both love each other but they keep pretending they do not. This is very frustrating and I don’t know how much longer this can go on.

The Season Finale

Last year we ended the show on a bang when an old patient came in with a gun and mission to kill Derek. Some characters died while other major characters were shot. That 2-hour season finale had me crying the whole time while I sat at the edge of my seat in anticipation. This season finale paled in comparison. Not only was it predictable, but ABC gave away most of it in the coming attractions. All in all, it was a disappointing episode for a disappointing season.

Maybe I am judging the show too harshly. Maybe I am just ranting about the parts of the show that annoy me. Don’t get me wrong, there were episodes I liked, but overall this season left me unsatisfied. I plan to tune in for next season but the show is on thin ice for me. This next one needs to be good!

What did you think of Grey’s Anatomy this season? Am I crazy or was this season actually a dud? Let me know what you thought!

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