It Is The End Of The World As We Know It

Or so says Twitter… So many people have been tweeting about the end of the world since it will be Rapture day. Since I am not religious and I had no idea what Rapture day was, I decided to do some intense research (aka reading up on Wikipedia). According to the Christian bible, there will be a judgment day (which some groups have calculated to be tomorrow) where true believers will be raptured out of this world to join their savior. As for the “non-believers,” we get to hang around and wait for the world to officially end sometime in October. For those of you who are religious, please forgive me for butchering this explanation.

I am pretty sure that I will fall into the category of non-believers which means that I will likely wake up relatively the same. But I wonder, are there people I know who believe in Rapture day? Will they be disappointed when they wake up and realize nothing has changed? Or better yet, will I be the shocked one? Will friends of mine disappear tomorrow because they were chosen to join their savior? That would be interesting… Let’s pretend for just a second that I did believe that tomorrow was the end of the world and that tonight would be my last…

What Would My Last Blog Post Say?

Well it would start by apologizing. Had I have known before hand that the world was ending so soon I probably would have started this earlier. Now all I have to show is a total of 5 posts.

Next, I would probably leave messages for all my loved ones; my family, my boyfriend, my friends, etc. Instead of getting all mushy, I guess I am going to take my chances and assume that they all know I love them.

Finally, I would leave behind my manifesto. I would try to sum up my life in a paragraph or two and hope that the blog will live on even though the world has ended. Instead of writing it all out I will leave you with one thought: life is too short to be stressed out all the time. It’s one thing to try and take over the world by achieving lots of things but it’s something completely different to be sad and miserable all the time.

Hopefully, this won’t be my last blog. At very least I will have until October… and if we listen to the Mayans I’ll have until 2012!

If this was your last day, what would you leave behind? Share your thoughts in the comments (before it’s too late!)

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