Movie Review: Dual Perspectives On Thor

I am by no means a fan of comic books. With that being said, I have seen every comic book movie from Spiderman, to X-Men, to Iron Man. There is something about the Marvel and DC franchises that equals to box office gold. In anticipation of The Avengers movie that is coming out in 2012, Marvel has been releasing movies that introduce the characters of the Avengers. This weekend I saw the latest installation, Thor. I have my own opinion of the film but I was curious to see how a true comic book fan felt of the film. That’s when I decided that this movie review would come with a twist— I asked co-worker and comic book lover, Frank Ramblings, to give his take on the film too, Here’s the take on Thor from the perspective of the average movie goer and a true comic book fan.

The Average Joe’s Opinion
I want to start by saying that I did like this movie. Definitely 4 out of 5 stars. With that being said, if you have never seen a comic book movie, I don’t suggest this should be your first. The story of Thor is a bit out there. It is more a fantasy film than it is an action flick. We are talking about other realms and virtual portals, and crazy creatures… it is not exactly “relatable.” Whereas with a film like Iron Man, while it is far-fetched, it is way more believable that a weapons genius created a suit of armor. Iron Man also has that comedy aspect that Thor was missing. Yes, it had it’s moments like when Thor walks into the pet store and demands a horse. And of course Kat Dennings served as some comic relief. I guess you just can’t compare Chris Hemsworth to Robert Downey Jr. How they will co-star side by side in The Avengers is beyond me but I will definitely be there to see how it plays out. Overall, the story was entertaining and the character of Thor developed nicely throughout the film. Thor went from being an arrogant barbarian to a true leader. I also love the sneak peak after the credits that gives you a taste of what is to come for sequels. If you love the Marvel films but have never lifted a comic book before, I recommend you see this movie. If you have never seen a comic book flick before, I recommend seeing the more commercial films before you check out this one. But what do I know? What does a real fan think?

The True Fan’s Opinion
I’ve always been a fan of superhero movies and TV, and in the last few years I’ve fully embraced my nerdy nature by adding comics to the mix. Superman is my personal favorite, but you can’t be a superhero fan without Thor and the Avengers making their way into your consciousness. This film delivered in a number of ways. Clever and powerful writing gave it a solid foundation, and great performances from Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman were the driving force behind it. (Of course, it doesn’t hurt that screenwriter Ashley Miller happens to be a friend of mine through Twitter!) Add in director Kenneth Branagh‘s Shakespearean tendencies, and you have one pretty cool flick. Thor tells the story of a headstrong and passionate man from another world who comes down to Earth and learns the true meaning of heroism. Yes, he is a god from an enchanted realm, but he is still vulnerable to the same faults that are so often the downfall of even mortal men: pride, impatience, and stubbornness. Throughout the film, Thor not only battles the forces of evil and destruction, but he fights his own conscience and eventually assumes a new role in society. I thought this was a great introduction to the character, but not necessarily the best primer on Marvel comics or comic book films in general. I agree with Cara: see it if you’re looking for a moving tale of the hero’s journey, but be prepared for some decidedly unrealistic comic book elements. This film has me excited for the upcoming Avengers movie and all the others that will tie into it. A strong 4 out of 5 from me as well!

Have you seen Thor yet? If so, what did you think? Share your reviews below!

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